Sophie & Jax The Frenchies – Seattle Dog Life – Dog Stories Episode 2

Sophie & Jax – The Seattle Dog Life – Dog Stories, Episode 2

I am so excited to introduce you to some of my favorite frenchies. Sophie & Jax are an adorable pair of frenchies living the Seattle dog life. I first ‘met’ Sophie when she was an only-pup back in 2015 when her and her mom (Emily) supported me on my Kickstarter. Little did I know, just how awesome they are.

Misfit Frenchies - Seattle Dog life

Name(s): Sophie & Jax
Breed(s): French Bulldogs
Age(s): 4 & 2
Location: Seattle, WA

Sophie & Jax the Frenchies Hedgehog

Favorite hangout/park:

[Sophie] I love Magnuson Park, mainly because there are so many people for me to greet! I try to greet everyone I see – a couple of people have nicknamed me the mayor because of it. I’m not huge on playing fetch or going in the water like Jax is, but sometimes I do like to find and gnaw on already torn up tennis balls (they’re easier to tear apart when someone has already done half the work for me!)

Frenchie goes on adventure in Seattle

[Jax] I love Magnuson too, but mainly because it is SO big – almost 9 acres! My favorite thing to do is play fetch with a soccer ball so that gives me plenty of space to run back and forth. There’s also a little beach that opens up to Lake Washington and I like to take the ball in there too!

Frenchies at waterfall seattle


Favorite adventure/trip:

[Sophie] Every year we get to go to the Bay Area to see one of my best friends, Enzo (@vincenzopepito). Even though it’s a 13+ hour drive, it’s always worth it to see him and to play tourist in SF and the surrounding areas!

Frenchie and Friends Los Angeles Vincent Sophie Jax

[Jax] Any trip we’ve ever taken that ends with me playing with my ball is the best trip ever. I love everything we do and everywhere we go!

Frenchies Car ride - Dog Stories

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

[Sophie] I once went viral online because Mom posted pictures of me wearing a onesie and staring at my grandpawrents’ fish tank for an entire weekend. Since then, Mom and Dad got me my own fish. His name is Mortimer! It’s like having my own personal TV with a never-ending bingeworthy show.

Frenchie Life Sophie Onsie Fish Tank

[Jax] I chase shadows, lights, lasers, everything! All the time, too! Sometimes if the light hits the window just right, I spend long days just staring at the floor. or the wall. or the ceiling. Mom and Dad think that’s pretty silly but I’m not sure if it counts as “silliest” if I do it all the time!

Frenchie Motto Suns out buns out

What is your motto?

[Sophie] Napping is a full time job!

Frenchie Snuggles

[Jax] Ball is life!

Ball is Life - Jax the Frenchie Story

What are you feeling particularly grateful for today?

[Sophie] We’re lucky we get to go with our Mom to work every day. Granted, I spend the whole time sleeping, but it’s nice that I get to sleep next to her desk.

French Bulldog working on Laptop

[Jax] Dad just got me a new soccer ball from the store because I tore apart the other one. I’m grateful for that!

Frenchie Destroys Soccer ball with love

Fave dog insider tip:

[Sophie & Jax’s owner, Emily] After much trial and error we finally found a food that works well with the dogs’ stomachs and don’t give them stinky farts – Ollie (@myollie) makes “home cooked”-esque meals that Sophie and Jax absolutely love. We definitely recommend it!

Seattle Dog Life - Frenchies of Seattle

Follow Sophie & Jax on Instagram for more adorable photos, including all of the photos here. They always are on fun adventures whether it be in the Seattle area or along the west coast.

Read our last dog story, Lady Sophia & Sir Henry’s, here.

Seattle dog life


Adopting a Frenchie with Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

How We Ended up Adopting a Frenchie

Three years ago today I adopted a frenchie with Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. You may know him as Toad.

For years I had a single black pug, Rhea. After moving back to Madison and having an entire house and yard for her, we started thinking that Rhea would enjoy company. In particular, we decided that she would especially enjoy another snuggle buddy. Rhea was your classic pug: fairly low energy lap dog, with a large personality and spurts of pug-runs and playfulness.

Adopting a Frenchie with the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

Naturally, I started looking at adopting. I’d read profiles of frenchies, pugs, and other small, flat faced breeds, until I came across the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue and read Toad’s (then Leroy’s) profile. Described as a ‘low key couch potato’ with a little bit of mischievousness, I knew that he was the perfect fit for us and for Rhea.

I filled out the application in great detail, knowing that the likelihood of us getting Toad was probably low, but worth a shot as the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue (CFBR) gets many applications. Also, from experience, rescues have many balls in the air and much coordination to do. Thankfully, we got lucky (or rather, they must have known from my application that we were a good match) and they responded to our application!

We went through the phone interview, home visit and finally meeting Toad and adopting him. We learned about his story and how he was a stud dog for poor breeders. He was crated, many times outdoors from what they could tell, because he was covered in fly bites, and he was underfed. It was also believed that he was put outside with a larger dog and this is why he can be afraid and avoidance of larger dogs. The process was as smooth as I could have ever imagined and we took ‘Leroy’ home.

Toad’s History and Story

Knowing his story made knowing how to care for him easier. We knew that crating him while we were gone was completely necessary for his own safety. When we did try and leave him out, he would climb up on things and get into trash or anything that seemed remotely edible. After all, he was starved for the first five years of his life! Even until this day, he will get into trash if he’s left unattended for some time. He also has a habit of licking up the floor and doing a perimeter walk in every knew room. He’s always on the hunt for food even now when he’s well fed. This will forever be Toad’s state of mind.

Bringing Toad Home

Once we brought him home, he took some time to settle in. He took to me at first, but was a little afraid of my husband, Corey. He also did not like being picked up and would growl at us. These are common behaviors for adopted dogs and we can only assume that he was mistreated. He was also barely trained and needed to learn basic ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, and not getting on tables.

The first week (and month) of him settling in was an interesting one. It took patience, but it was rewarding. After about a week, Rhea and Toad were snuggling up on the couch. It was absolutely awesome seeing that for the first time and a confirmation of ‘we made the right choice’ and ‘he may just like us’. It was wonderful.

Over about three months, Toad’s personality unfolded. He became comfortable in his new home, with his new sister and his parents. He became more confident (and sometimes more mischievous), but mostly more happy to be where he was. He slowly began to trust us to pick him up when necessary and would flop over for belly rubs more and more. He also began playing with Rhea. All of this was rewarding. It was during this time that we decided to name him ‘Toad’ because he hopped like one. (Seriously, he has some good hops!)

What’s amazing is how much Toad has changed and how long the process took. I’d say that it took him a full year to really open up. He opened up a lot between one and three months, but after a year, he would hardly ever growl at us when we picked him up and he became a complete companion dog. All he wants now is to be by us, go on adventures with us (he loves going everywhere! Especially car rides! He even went on a 6 month RV trip), sleep in our laps, get belly rubs and of course eat treats (for days).

I cannot recommend the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue enough. Adopting a frenchie is, of course, more of a challenge, requires patience with the adoption process as well as brining your pup home, but it’s so rewarding. We are so grateful for Toad every day. I always joke and say, if I could clone Toad, I would (not really). But the reason I say that is because he’s got such a unique personality. He takes a little to warm up with you, but once he decides you’re ‘in,’ you’re a friend for life. He’ll get pumped to see you and it’s so clear that he’s grateful to have you. I’m telling you, he’s special and boy. I’m so happy to have him. Happy gotchaday Toad! Now for the treats…

Best Dog Style Guide by Woof and Walls

Too Cool for Pup-School

This has got to be the best dog style guide I’ve ever seen! Woof and Walls has put together nearly 100 pages of awesome pet wear. From collars, to apparel, to denim, leashes, and more, there are cool dog styles for days! I know exactly where I’ll be finding cool dog gear for fall, winter and beyond.


For some time now, Woof and Walls has been capturing cool dogs in front of beautiful street art. Naturally, I fell in love with their regular instagram posts and their cool style. They also have a fun dog blog (with fashion section!).

So what’s in the guide?

They split it up into 10 different sections, each by style. There is so much cool dog gear!

Here are my 4 favorite pieces…

  1. The Casual Athleisure Pup – Page 21 – Addie Brands Velour Lux Hoodie

I cannot believe this exists! Being from the fashion world, I’ve been thinking about making my dogs a velvet hoodie. I love velvet and well, I love dogs. So excited about this! Let’s just say you’ll be seeing this in our instagram soon.

2. Dog Love Repeat – Page 64 – Downtown Button-Down Trixie

Naturally, I would pick a printed floral shirt as a favorite. It’s so cute!

3. Eye of Dog – Food in Me Skull Tee – Page 86

I love this brand! They are perfect for people who want to dress their pup up in people-like clothes, aka cool dog clothes.

4.  Pethaus – Patched Denim Dog Vest – Page 88

Denim dog jackets that you wish you could wear, but they’re actually for your dog.

We were also super excited to have our packs and leash featured in this dog style guide as well, along side Pethaus on page 89. Thanks Woof & Walls for putting together such a cool, extensive dog style guide!

Be sure to watch out for their October Woofbook as well! 

What’s your favorite piece from the Woof & Walls style guide?


Dog Backpack Video – About Pups Who Pack

Hey Friends!
Here’s a unfiltered dog backpack video about our Pups Who Pack backpacks. I know that when I’m looking at things online that sometimes it’s hard to get perspective on what things actually look like. I always wish there was MORE info, especially videos so I figured I’d help y’all out in case you also feel similarly.

I may also give you a little sneak peak to one of my new prints that’s coming out soon! (If you’d like to stay up to date on when new items are coming out, you can join our newsletter crew here.)


‘Till next time, here’s an adorable photo of my goofy dogs (also known as my inspiration). 😉


French Bulldog Backpack Pug Dog Backpack Video


Carrie Fisher’s Dog Gary Fisher Wears our Backpack on the Today Show

It’s not every morning that you wake up to find out that Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary Fisher was wearing one of our backpacks on the Today Show!

Carrie Fisher's Dog Gary Fisher Today Show Backpack Kathie Lee Hoda Book


Months ago when I was traveling across the US in a RV, I met a lovely lady who hand embroiders and sequins beautiful sewn pieces: Dawn Rogal. We met in Los Angeles through a mutual friend at a co-working space through our love for textiles. Soon thereafter, we decided to do a collaboration where Dawn hand sequined one of my dog backpacks.

Sequin Dog Backpack Gary Fisher Dawn Rogal

Before sequining the pack, we had talked about our favorite celebrities (and their dogs) and decided that Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary Fisher was our favorite. He and Carrie had been on the morning show several months prior and the interview was hilarious. Carrie is always so honest and cracking jokes while Gary sits with his tongue out. I love them so much! Gary reminds me a lot of my french bulldog, Toad. They have a very similar chill, lazy, go-with-the-flow attitude. Who couldn’t love this dog?!

Recently Dawn made her way back to Saskatchewan, Canada where she found out that Carrie and Gary Fisher were coming to the local Comic Con. Dawn was able to meet them both and give them our collaborative backpack. Needless to say, seeing a photo of Gary wearing my backpack was pretty exciting.

gary-fisher-backpack-comic con Carrie Fisher

Several months later, including a tweet from Carrie of Gary modeling his pack, I found out that they were on the Today Show a couple of times!

Carrie Fisher Twitter Gary Fisher Star Wars Tour

One with Savannah Guthrie and the other with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Both of which are hilarious!

Carrie Fisher Kathie Lee Hoda Today Show 11-21-16 Gary Fisher Carrie Fisher Today Show NBC 15 Harrison Ford affair

21 Small Dog Costumes for Halloween

Nothing makes me laugh or smile more than seeing good dog costumes for Halloween. Dogs are already so funny on their own, but add a ridiculous costume and they’re unstoppable. Every year I look for a new costume for my pug and frenchie and every time I am overwhelmed with options.

Here are 21 cute & hilarious small dog costumes for Halloween to get ideas rolling / for your entertainment:

1. Pikachu


I’m sure we’ll see a lot of Pokimon characters this year, but I’m not sure anyone can beat the cuteness of a dog Pikachu. Ninja the frenchie is absolutely adorable and one of my favorite Instagram frenchies to follow. He has several other great costume ideas on his Instagram. See more of Ninja here. Find this costume here or here.

2. Lawn Gnome


If you haven’t been introduced to this dog yet, his name is Jiff and he is too cute. This has got to be the best costume for the happiest dog in the world, considering usually lawn gnomes are super creepy. Or is it just me? Pick it up on Etsy here. You can also see more of Jiff’s awesome costumes here.

3. Bat


Boo! So scary. 😉 Pick up some bat wings on Etsy.

4. Shark


Another one of my personal favorite dogs to follow on Instagram, Walter, has posted several great costume ideas as of late. This shark costume takes the cake. Grab this dog costume at Petsmart.

5. Monsters, Inc.


This is one of my favorite costumes. Even better, you could dress up as Sulley and your dog can be boo.

6. Unicorn


This one has a bit of a special place in my heart because: A. I love unicorns, but B. I’ve attempted to make this costume before and utterly failed at it so I love that they pulled it off so well. They give you the full step-by-step on how to make it here. If you’re not into DIY costumes, you can pick up an Etsy-made one here.

7. Circus Animals


Group costumes rule! Especially when dogs are dressed up like other animals. Get an elephant costume here and a clown costume here. See more costume ideas from Refinery 29 here.

8. Crab


Another great Etsy store for costumes. They also have cat costumes. This looks so well made. I can just imagine the crab legs moving around as the dog moves. Too great.

9. Flower


Handmade on Etsy, these flower costumes are too precious!

10. Witch


Well of course I had to put at least one of my own dogs on this list. Rhea is wearing a DIY witch costume consisting of a wire framed witch hat and a little black dress I made. Notice her backpack is full of candy corn. All of which I unfortunately ate.

11. Mr. T


Bubba is another one of my fave dogs to follow on Facebook. He pulled off the Mr. T dog costume pretty well. You can find your Mr. T costume here.

12. Dinosaurs


There are so many great dog dinosaur costumes out there, including this one from Etsy.

13. Star Wars



I (not so secretly) want to dress up as Han Solo and dress my pug up as chewy someday. There are so many hilarious Star Wars costumes and the never get old.

14. Biker Pup

Biker Dog Costume

My pup, Toad was a hardcore biker last year. He really played the part (for treats). You can pick up the skull hat and leather jacket on Amazon.

15. Wooly Mammoth


Wisconsin Halloweens are quite cold and neither you or your pup would be cold in a wooly mammoth costume.

16. Tiger


What’s great about this costume is that you could repurpose it as a hoodie. It’s highly adorable and available on Ebay.

17. Batman


You can pick up a similar Batman costume here. Bonus points for the car. Get more costume ideas like this from Popsugar.

18. Pig


I would love to see a french bulldog, english bulldog or pug wearing a pig costume. It would be too great considering they make pig sounds all of the time.

19. Sundae


This one is a personal favorite. One of my friend’s boxer’s has been rocking this costume for years and it never ceases to impress everyone.

20. Pope


This site has so many pictures of dogs and cats wearing pope costumes and it’s awesome.

21. Basic B*tch


Because even dogs have a little basic bitch in them. This costume would never disappoint. Plus you can easily grab a scarf from your closet. All you’d need is a wig. And I’m pretty sure there’s nothing that will make you laugh more than seeing a dog in a wig. Pick up dog ugg boots here.

Hopefully these dog costumes stirred up some ideas for you or at the very least brightened your day. For more costume ideas, check out our Pinterest board.

Happy Halloween everyone!



10 Fashionable Dog Sweaters, Hoodies & Jackets for Fall

It’s officially autumn which means that those chilly breezes are starting to creep in and it’s time to start looking for some fun dog sweaters to keep your dog warm. Although it is bitter-sweet to see summer weather dissipate, fall fashion makes for a fun transition into cold weather. While you may be looking for sweaters, jackets and layers for yourself, I might say, I have even more fun looking for my dog. Am I the only one?

My problem is that there are so many crafty dog clothes out there that it is hard to find the quality and fashionable dog sweaters. A simple google search will leave you with many cheap options which typically means low-quality, cheesy and plain ugly dog gear. When I’m looking for something for my two dogs, I ask myself first, is it something they’ll actually wear/is it comfortable and second, is it something I want in my size? This sounds silly, but I love finding dog brands that I wish I could wear myself. I’d like my dogs to reflect my style because it’s fun!

Here are some of my favorite fashionable dog sweaters, hoodies and jackets for fall that you can get right now! Not to mention, some of my favorite brands:

Eye of Dog Dope Doge Shirt

This is a perfect example of something I would like in my size! It’s so simple, yet fashionable.


If you get a chance, check out their entire store or instagram. They have some great clothing. I picked up one of their tie-dye pieces from Shop Dog and Co‘s shop in NYC for my french bulldog, Toad and it’s one of my favorite pieces yet. They’re made in Australia. (Of course! All cool things seem to come out of AUS these days.)

PetHaus Denim Dog Jacket


First off, this picture! This pug is so cute, but I suppose I’d probably say that about nearly every pug. They have so many great jackets in a range of sizes. This brand is also made in Australia, but can be found on Etsy which has definitely been one of my favorite sources for unique dog fashion and quality-made items.

BOSSPUP Checkered Hoodie


Made in Los Angeles, CA, this brand has many stylish zip-up hoodie options for very reasonable prices. (Most are $36 – $42, which, for being made in the US, is awesome!) I love their metal zipper hoodies. That simple addition makes these sweatshirts feel a bit more like people fashion. Check out their entire store on Etsy here.

Frenchie Bulldog Empire Hoodie


If you have a frenchie (or any barrel chest breed), these hoodies are made to fit and they’re super cute. We have this one, but they have several other stylin’ hoodies as well. They also just launched their super cute printed bow ties!

Lola Dog Fashion Panda Bear Hoodie


This sweatshirt is too adorable. I love the slight touch of comedy with this as well. It’s not too serious which is a requirement not only for everything I wear, but my dog’s gear as well. They are made in Poland so beware that shipping may take a bit. Either way, it seems like a worth-while wait. They have other adorable printed hoodie options as well.

Max & Bone Chloe Hoodie – Furry Delights


Here’s your ever-hot blush / pale pink color that never seems to go out of style. I’m not sure about you, but I’m still not sick of this color. I can see this on my black pug, Rhea. How cute!

Eye of Dog Party-up Top at Shop Dog & Co


As I said before, this is one of my favorite, newfound dog clothing companies. You can find these in NYC or buy them online at Shop Dog and Co. If you’re looking for other fashionable dog sweaters, clothes and accessories, Shop Dog and Co has it all. They do a fantastic job curating quality pet products that are unique!

Wear of the Dog Jacquard Pullover


Here’s a classic sweater with a fashionable twist. I love their patterns!

Happy Pouch Aztec Dog Hoodie

Dog Hoodie, Aztec Dog Hoodie

Another great Etsy brand, made in Sweden. It wouldn’t be a list from me if it didn’t include some crazy, abstract pattern. At the same time, this piece is very wearable. It would be a great mix-and-match print option if you were rockin one of our packs.

BETTERS Bear Hoodie Sweater – Sir Dog Wood

BETTERS Bear Sweatshirt Sir Dog Wood

A great classic dog sweatshirt with a cute and humorous twist: bear ears. Again, I love that this hoodie is lighthearted. After all, dogs remind us daily to laugh and have more fun, right? It’s the perfect playful dog sweatshirt.

Hope you enjoyed this list! I’ll be back next week with some fun dog costume ideas. In the meantime, do you have any go-to dog fashion brands that you love? I’d love to hear about them. Drop a line below!

10 fashionable dog sweaters hoodies-and-jackets-for-fall

Doug the Pug’s Backpack in Freshman 15 Video

Where can I get Doug the Pug’s Backpack?

Right here my friends.

When I first started putting together my Kickstarter to launch our dog backpack, I made a list of celebrity dogs that I dreamed would wear my bags. Being a pug fanatic (and owner), Doug the Pug was on that list. Now I can officially say that he’s rocking our dog backpack! It’s one proud moment!

Doug the Pug's Backpack in Freshman 15 VideoDoug the Pug wearing dog backpack back to school

There are many reasons why I hoped that Doug would love our packs. First, he is a daily dose of happiness and laughter and that’s a big part of what our packs are all about. His Instagram and Youtube are so hilarious. If you need a good laugh or pick-me-up, Doug will get you your fix.

Secondly, Doug is one stylish pug. In his own words he’s the ‘King of Pop Culture‘. I mean, Doug dresses better than most people do. It’s awesome. He’s even got his own line of merch. The Pug Life Black Tee is one of my personal favorites.

Check out Doug’s full video below and see our packs at about 15 seconds in. At the very least, enjoy a little silly dog entertainment this Friday afternoon.

Doug the Pug Freshman 15 Video

Doug the Pug’s backpack is our Galaxy print – Get it here. Additional prints are also available at

We’ve been working on some pretty fun things under-wraps. (Stay up to date here / Daily updates here)

Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend friends!


Dog Stories: Cavaliers Sir Henry & Lady Sophia

Seeing how much joy dogs bring joy to our lives, it’s time for a little ‘dog stories’ series. Each month we’ll feature cutie dogs and some of their favorite things.

Meet our first features: Sir Henry (3 years old) and Lady Sophia (2 years old), both adopted Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from Madison, Wisconsin. You may recognize Henry from this years calendar.

Dog Stories #1: Henry & Sophie

Pups Who Pack Dog Stories: Sir Henry & Lady Sophia Cavaliers

Favorite hangout/park:

Henry – I love going to the Prairie Moraine County Park in Verona, WI. It’s my favorite dog park to go to any time of the year – even during winter. It has the best hiking trails!

Sophie – I’ll go hiking but the humans usually end up carrying me. I prefer to stay inside watching reality tv on the couch while getting a massage and eating some snacks.

Dog Spotlight: Henry & Sophia

Favorite adventure/trip:

H- My favorite thing to do is hike around the northwoods of Wisconsin at the grandpawrents cabin. We also recently took a trip to the Porcupine Mountains and that was a lot of fun! I saw some waterfalls and swam in Lake Superior.

Sir Henry The Dog Hiking

S – Taking long walks is hard for me, so I prefer to go by boat! Speed boats rides get you around in style and are my new favorite method of transportation. Car rides are also great for napping.

Lady Sophie Cavalier Pastel Dog Pack by Maggie Modena

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

H- This one time, I got into a fight with a roll of toilet paper. Proof that I won.

S- When Henry’s not looking, I steal his toys and hide them.

Hiking with your Dog - Pups Who Pack Backpack

What is your motto?

H- You can trust me to guard your house. But never trust me to guard your sandwich.

S – Live like someone left the gate open! Unless the bed is warm. Then stay in bed.


What are you feeling particularly grateful for today?

H&S – We are both rescue dogs. We are grateful to have a home with yummy treats and lots of love.

Sir Henry the dog - Cavalier wearing dog backpack

Check out Henry & Sophie’s Instagram account here. SO many adorable photos!

Henry is wearing our X-Ray Dog Pack while Lady Sophie is wearing our Pastel backpack.

Interested in being featured on our next dog stories post? Send us a message!

Lady Sophia King Charles Cavalier